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Quite Intuitive

Wow... Never seen anything like this. The style, the concept, the structure... Wow...

To elaborate, this greatly parts from your other styles. I'm a fan of that sketchy, smooth movement. it gives the impression of a homebrew flip book you used to make as a kid.

The plot and structure were real unexpecting too. I was expecting some horrid disease to corrupt the kid's internal orgams (mmm, gruesome illness), but instead, the gum ended up eating the kid, only to return wrapped up, lying on the sidewalk for the next passer-by. The girl walking past and picking up the gum at the end also added that "what's-going-to-happen-wait-I-alread y-know-but-it-was-interesting-how-it-
cuts-out" atmospere. Like, we know the girl is going to get devoured - we just don't see the aftermath or the devouring. Love that unsuspenseful suspense...

So yeah, I hope you create more stuff like this in the future in ways of plotlines.


I have never been a fan of short intros, as they get me too hyped. But this is one exception. I absolutely love the animation techniques, the art style, and the fact that the dialogue is so straight forward (So he beat up Meat Boy).

It just needs little bit more, but I can't put my finger on it. Keep it up!

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Hm, it was good enough to kill a few minutes, but it get's boring after a while. Sure it's fun, but what is there to keep me playing it? Usually games like this have a storyline or plot. All I saw is controls. And the clor scheme is just too... Well, monochromatic.

I'd give this a 4/10, but I have to admit that the concept of it is pretty decent, so I'll score you a 6/10 for trying. And I guess you had fun making it as well. Keep it up, and you'll eventually improve. Maybe in a few months time, I'll be seeing full-on frontpage games from you, so don't give up on it so soon!

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Lives up to it's name.

The name perfectly explains the track. After closing my eyes and repeating the words "murder machine" in my head, I nearly peed my pants. People that can accomplish this have some serious skill.

Around or before the 1min mark, you really took a traditional DnB beat and tossed it in right there and then without transition, but managed to fuse it in a way that you don't need a transition. And the slight gradient around the end waas also flawless.

I have to give it to ya, this track is one of NG's chunkiest and most "real" DnB track; one that could challenge the likes of Mr-Jazzman and Stogmaster.

Lip-Lickin' Good

Wow... I'm amazed at this... You've managed to fuse a creepy synth with a pure hardstyle bass and other elements. You've succeeded amazingly. But 1:40 could be a little less strict on the short synth. Maybe a bit quiter or less shrill?

1/10 and 5/5. That shrill synth is the only thing putting this off. But it's nto too big to drop the score. Keep it up, mate!

Move outta the way, avid shuffler here

As a long-time shuffler (Melbourne Shuffle all the way, brah) I listen to hardstyle, rave and DnB a fair bit, and I have quite an ear for this kind of stuff. I must say, THIS SHIT BE KICKIN!

I love the bassline, the simple melody, the buildups, the 'DMPH DMPH DMPH' drumsbeats, the wind-ups and wind-downs, but I especially love the fusion of Scantraxx Roots-reminiscent "ding ding ding-ding ding' melody. The use of typical hardstyle elements was perfect too. But although you've put it together seamlessly, the bass could have more of a deep punch to it. The whining synth could also be more articulated. The vocal sample is pretty sweet too. Care to tell us where you got that from?

So in a nutshell, you've put this together neatly, but you're lacking something and not excelling on somewhere else. But keep it up and you'll be mixing up some beats to match those of Abject, Alpha Twins and Headhunterz!

unrealdark responds:

I'm still working on my Hardstyle mixing, and making. Though it's really hard. ^^
I'll be sure to create an really mind blowing kick + bass next time. ;) I am gratefull you noticed the scantraxx element on the melody, the tetris alike lead. :D Got the vocals from a sample pack, and some from my friend on msn.
Thanks for reviewing, and be watchfull for some new HS/HC tracks. ;)

*ps, might check my track "Tempo" as well a HS track.

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In regards to the-death1's review, I'd like to use this as an album cover for my indie band. I'll credit you, of course.

This is amazing. IT looks like you've taken a watercolor approach and that gives it a lonely depth to it, giving us the true feeling that Death is in fact bored due to low death rates. Why did Swine Flu have to be non-lethal!?

There could, however, be more distinct shading and have more established fold lines. Other than that, flawless!

Keep it up, and by all means don't stop what you're doing!

LaserKarl responds:

Thanks for the review!

I dont think I would like this to be used for something I have nothing to do with though, its meant to be just an image. I'm very honored though!

I wont stop painting, promise!

Listen guys

He's not going to listen, nor are the staff. This guy is a bot controlled by NG, and this art piece was a test entry to the portal by the bot. Get over it, nobody's gonna hear you.

I'm Gatsumono, an amateur artist, songwriter, filmmaker and animator from Australia. I'm currently learning my way around Flash, and have been experimenting with various film and music techniques for a few years now.

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